22 Sept 2023

Rahul Gandhi Lists Shortcomings Of Women's Reservation Bill, Said This About Caste-based Census

New Delhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has listed the shortcomings of the Women's Reservation Bill brought by the government.

Talking to reporters here on Friday, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said that Women's Reservation Bill was brought in the House. The bill has two serious shortcomings. It is said there would be a census before women's reservation and then there would be delimitation and both would take several years. Women reservation can be done today but the government does not want to do it. The truth is that it will come into effect after 10 years from today.

When Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was asked whether he regretted that OBC quota was not provided under the bill brought by the UPA government in 2010, Rahul Gandhi said that he has 100% regret. This should have been done at that time and now we will ensure that it is done.

Rahul also alleged that the government wants to divert attention from the caste census. Terming the Modi government as anti-OBC, he said that if the Congress government comes to power at the Centre, a caste-based census will be conducted and sections having larger population will get proportionate representation.

Only 3 OBCs out of 90 influential secretaries in Centre

In a press conference held at the party headquarters here on Friday, Gandhi said that he was surprised to know that out of the 90 influential secretaries in the central government, only three are OBCs. He called it an injustice to the OBCs and said that justice will be done to this class when the Congress government comes to power.

The Congress leader said that wherever Congress government is being formed in the country, injustice is not being done to any section and OBCs are getting justice. He said, 'If our government comes, we will conduct caste census. The country will know how many OBCs, Dalits and tribals are there. They will get participation in running the country.

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