13 Sept 2023

Rajasthan: World's First Heritage Chambal Riverfront Inaugurated In Kota; Sets Many World Records; Its 27 Ghats Set To Enchant Visitors

Kota: India's first heritage Chambal River Front was ceremoniously inaugurated by Rajasthan Assembly Speaker Dr CP Joshi on Tuesday. He gave a gift to the people of Kota by unveiling the plaque at Nayapura Stepwell Ghat amid Vedic mantra chanting, Rajasthani music tunes and performances by folk artists.

At the inauguration ceremony of the world's first riverfront in Kota district on Tuesday evening, the guests visited the 12 ghats and went boating in the Chambal river. Assembly Speaker Dr. CP Joshi, Ministers Shanti Dhariwal, Dr. BD Kalla, Shakuntala Rawat pressed the button on the world's largest Chambal Mata statue and started the water flow. Just then it started raining  as if Lord Indra were pleased and showered happiness.

Rajasthan's coaching city Kota has now become a tourist city. Kota got the gift of a special project. It hads got the gift of world class Chambal River Front on the banks of Chambal River at a cost of about Rs. 1400 crores and Oxygen Park built at a cost of about Rs. 125 crores. UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal said that this dream project realized in Kota will change the condition and direction of the city. 

This project, which started on June 17, 2020, is built on the river just below the Kota Barrage Dam. It is different and better than the Sabarmati River Front in many ways. 

It is being described as the world's first heritage river front, which is setting many world records including the world's largest Nandiji, the largest marble statue of Chambal Mata, the world's largest bell. But its biggest attraction is its 27 ghats, which will not only be the flag bearers of Indian civilization and culture, but will definitely fascinate the tourists with their amazing construction style.

The guests entered the riverfront from the Shaurya Ghat built on the riverfront and saw the features of each ghat closely. The folk artists traditionally welcomed the guests with their grand cultural presentations. The inauguration ceremony was witnessed by more than 10 thousand citizens of the city who were invited with a special invitation.

Amidst the rain showers, the pundits performed the aarti of Chambal Mata as per the rituals and the guests prayed for the prosperity of the country and the state. On this occasion, President of Rajasthan Cricket Association Vaibhav Gehlot, Amit Dhariwal, chairpersons of various board corporations, and MLAs, distinguished citizens of the city were present.

Tourism will increase, settlements will be saved from flood

In Kota, Chambal River Front has been developed at a cost of Rs 1442 crore on both the banks of Chambal River in a length of 2.75 km from Kota Barrage to Nayapura Pulia. With its construction, all the settlements situated on the banks of Chambal river have become free from floods.

World records made

Three world records were also made on the river front on Tuesday. Among these, the world's largest bell has been made at Ghanti Ghat. Its sound can be heard up to 8 km away. The face mask of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru at Jawahar Ghat (the largest gun metal mask), the statue of Nataraja at Nandi Ghat and the 225 feet high marble statue of Chambal Mata were unveiled and registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Guests visited these ghats

Jawahar Ghat: Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru's face mask made of gun metal has been installed on this ghat, which is 32 feet high and weighs 25 tonnes. .

Gita Ghat: In Gita Ghat, all 700 verses of the entire 18 chapters of Gita have been engraved on a Vietnamese marble plaque.

Shanti Ghat: An invisible sculpture in yoga posture has been installed on this ghat, in which the seven chakras of the human body have been depicted.

Nandi Ghat: A 25 feet long, 15 feet wide and 20 feet high (maximum height) statue of Nandi has been installed on this ghat.

Vedic Ghat: 5 temples have been built on this ghat in Badoli style, depicting the five elements.

Roshan Ghat: The architecture of the Islamic phase has been depicted in this ghat. Jannati Darwaza has been constructed in the middle of it.

Ghanti Ghat: The world's largest metal bell has been installed in it.

Tiranga Ghat: A huge national flag of India has been installed on this ghat.

Shaurya Ghat: This is the entrance of the western end. Huge parking, information center for tourists, restaurants etc. have been arranged in this square.

Rajputana Ghat: In this ghat, replicas of various buildings of different areas of Rajasthan like Mewar, Marwar, Dhundhar, Bangar, Hadoti region have been made, such as Pauddar Haveli, Jagmandir, Jagnivas, Gangauri Ghat, Hawamahal, Ganeshpol, Sargasuli, Vijay. Pillar, Brahma Temple, Ranakpur, Patwa Haveli etc. have been constructed.

Jugnu Ghat:  An open theater has also been constructed in it.

Hathi Ghat: In this, white marble elephants have been installed on natural rocks.

Balaji Ghat: Batak Balaji temple has been constructed on this ghat and the heritage of the historical temples built earlier has also been preserved.

Besides, the visitors visited the other Ghats.

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