7 Sept 2023

Souvenir Kamalam Crafted By Manmohan Soni Of Mahoba Will Be Gifted To Guests Attending G20 Summit

Mahoba: In the G-20 summit going to be held in the country, heads of state coming from all over the world will be presented with brass lotus sculpture “Kamalam” as a memento. They have been prepared by metal artist Manmohan Soni of Kulpahad in Mahoba district of Bundelkhand.

Uttar Pradesh Handicrafts Development and Marketing Corporation had selected Manmohan's "Kamalam" eight months ago. Manmohan was given order by the UPHMDC to prepare 50 Kamalams so that the artefacts “Kamalam” could be sent to Delhi in time before the start of the G20 Summit.

Manmohan Soni has won many awards

Manmohan Soni, who won the State Handicraft Award in the year 1998, National Merit Award in 1997 and National Award in 2012, is a master of crafting brass artefacts. Manmohan had organized an exhibition of his artworks in Moscow in 2012. He has displayed his artefacts in all the major cities, metros and handicraft fairs of the country.

Kamalam was gifted to PM Modi

Manmohan Soni's lotus work "Kamalam" was gifted as a souvenir to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya and MP Pushpendra Singh Chandel in the Parivartan Rally organized in Mahoba in 2016. PM Modi liked it very much.

All petals are seen in bloom when Kamalam is opened

Crafted by artisan Manmohan Soni, the brass lotus sculpture “Kamalam” measures five inches. It has 16 petals including 8 big and 8 small petals. If you open this “Kamalam”, all the petals are seen in bloom. When it is closed, all the petals get closed inside and only the lotus bud is visible. Manmohan Soni took a month to prepare 50 sets of Kamalkriti.

Entire family is engaged in making brass artworks

Manmohan Soni's entire family is known for creating picturesque brass artworks. Manmohan's elder brother Kalyandas has also won the National Award. His younger brothers Azad and Shivkumar have also won state awards. What's more, the women of the house also help Manmohan in his work whenever needed. 

It is a matter of pride for Kulpahar and Bundelkhand that Manmohan's sculptures will be gifted as memento to the heads of state around the world. 

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