20 Sept 2023

Special Session Of Parliament: Debate On Women's Reservation Bill; Sonia Gandhi Said Rajiv Gandhi's Dream Will Be Fulfilled With This Bill

New Delhi: 'Nari Shakti Vandan Bill' is being discussed in the Lok Sabha on the third day of the special session of Parliament on Wednesday. On behalf of Congress, former President Sonia Gandhi started the discussion and said that the first Women's Reservation Amendment Bill was brought by Rajiv Gandhi.

Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal had introduced the bill in the Lok Sabha on the second day of the special session. This important bill will also need approval from 50 percent of the state assemblies before it is passed by Parliament and becomes law. Being a constitutional amendment bill, it is mandatory to do so under Article 368.

Sonia Gandhi led the debate on the Women's Reservation Bill on behalf of the opposition and the party in the Lok Sabha. Sonia Gandhi was also seen trying to corner the Central Government.

Congress will also raise these issues related to the bill in the House

Congress will be seen cornering the Modi government at every point during the discussion on the Women's Reservation Bill. The question is being raised that if women's reservation had been passed in the Rajya Sabha during the UPA rule, it would have been implemented immediately. Whereas now the Women's Reservation Bill of the NDA government will be implemented in 2029 after the first census and delimitation.

Congress also says that during the time of UPA, provision for reservation for women in Rajya Sabha and state's Legislative Councils was made in the bill passed in Rajya Sabha. But in the new bill of the NDA government, women's reservation has been removed in the Rajya Sabha and Legislative Councils.

Congress intends that the demand for quota in quota should be raised effectively. However, it is a different matter that during the UPA government, Congress itself did not bring the proposal of giving reservation to OBCs in its bill.

Sachin Pilot raised questions on the intentions of the Centre

At the same time, former Deputy CM of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot has also raised questions regarding the women's reservation bill brought by the Central Government. Sachin Pilot, who came to visit Motidungari Ganesh Temple in Jaipur, said on the bill related to women's reservation that this bill was in demand for a long time. This bill should have come a long time ago. But now it is being heard that this bill will be implemented in 2029. 

Sachin asked why it cannot be implemented now. Pilot further said that now he feels the intention of the government is not clear. Because if all the parties agree then why are they not implementing this bill now.

Nari Shakti Vandan Act could get entangled in rules

Women's Reservation Bill has been introduced in the special session of Parliament. The government is calling it historical. Before the bill was introduced in Parliament, PM Narendra Modi had said that a sacred beginning was being made. If the law is made unanimously, its strength will also increase manifold. At present this bill is being discussed in the Lok Sabha. After this it will be presented in the Rajya Sabha.

It is expected that this time this bill will be passed with full consent. But when will it come into force after the bill is passed? Questions are being raised on this and doubts also remains. 

Bill can get get stuck on census and delimitation

In fact, it may now get stuck on census and delimitation. What will be the number of Lok Sabha and Assembly seats in the states? Its work is done by the Delimitation Commission. The Delimitation Commission was constituted in the year 1952. The work of this commission was also decided under Article 82. At the time of the first general elections, the number of Lok Sabha seats was only 489. When the last delimitation was done on the basis of 1971 census, the number of seats increased to 543.

Delink women's quota bill from census, delimitation: Mayawati

Meanwhile, BSP leader Mayawati urged the government to delink the women's reservation bill from the census and delimitation exercises that would delay its implementation for years, and ensure that the quota can come into being immediately.

She said certain provisions of the bill have been framed in such a manner that the benefit of the reservation would not reach women for the next 15 or 16 years, or several elections later.

"The provisions which need to be mentioned here are that after the passage of the bill a census will be carried out in the country followed by the delimitation for Lok Sabha and state assembly constituencies," the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo, who has already extended support to the bill, said.

"This means it will not be implemented immediately," she told reporters.

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