7 Oct 2023

Asian Games-2023: Major Dhyanchand's son Ashok Kumar Said This On India's Victory In Hockey?

New Delhi: Former hockey player Ashok Kumar, son of the famous Indian player Major Dhyan Chand, who is called the wizard of hockey, has congratulated the Indian team on winning the gold medal in the Asian Games-2023.

He said, "When this team went to play the Asian Games, I felt that this team should definitely win this medal in Asia."

He said that 'when this team was going to participate in the Asian Games, I had told two players that Indian hockey has now reached the place where we have to establish our dominance in Asia. We have to keep ourselves on top.'


Underlining the importance of defeating a strong team like Japan, he said that defeating a team like Japan by 5 goals is a big victory.

Ashok Kumar said, "I felt very good that the Indian players have defeated a strong team like Japan which has been playing hockey for many years. Winning over such a team by five goals is a big victory. After the 1968 Olympics, a victory by this huge margin had not been achieved over Japan till now. So this was a very big victory." 


PM greets Men's Hockey team

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, congratulated the Men's Hockey team for winning a gold medal at the Asian Games.

He hailed the team's unwavering commitment, passion and synergy and extended his best wishes for their future endeavours.

The Prime Minister posted on X:  "An exhilarating Gold Medal triumph by our Men's Hockey Team at the Asian Games! Congratulations to the team for this outstanding performance. This team's unwavering commitment, passion and synergy have not only won the game but also the hearts of countless Indians. This victory is a testament to their spirit. Best wishes for the endeavours ahead."

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