3 Oct 2023

Bhopal Metro Rail Trial Run Conducted; Will Also Be Extended To Sehore, Mandideep, Vidisha And Raisen; Bhopal Has Come A Long Way From Tonga To Metro, Says CM Shivraj

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan flagged off the trial run of Bhopal Metro Rail from Subhash Nagar Depot. CM Shivraj took stock of arrangements by traveling in Metro Rail from Subhash Nagar station to Rani Kamalapati station. Before the inauguration, CM performed Kanya Puja and worship.

CM Shivraj said that with the commencement of metro in Bhopal, our Bhopal where once tongas used to run as a means of transport has now become city of metro rail. Metro Rail will bring a new revolution of transportation in Bhopal, and it will run at a fast pace on the path of development. 

CM said Bhopal Metro will be extended to Sehore, Mandideep as well as Raisen and Vidisha. After Indore, a new transport revolution is taking place in Bhopal. Trial run of metro has taken place in two cities in the state within a week. We have achieved all this in a short time and before the deadline, this is the outcome of the hard work of the Metro team members, engineers and workers.

The five kilometer long metro section from Subhash Nagar to Rani Kamalapati station has 5 stations, the infrastructure work of which was completed very quickly despite natural constraints. The work of laying nine kilometers of track was completed in five months. Electrification of traction third rail and 7 turnouts running along the tracks was also done in just 90 days and 5 lifts and 4 escalators were installed in just 60 days, which is an achievement in itself.

Metro Rail will become a medium of equality in the society

CM Shivraj said that metro train will save both time and money. The people of Bhopal will have access to safe, easy, convenient, cheap and beautiful means of transportation, and the pollution in the city will also reduce. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the metro coaches will have smart lighting, air conditions, smart display, Artificial Intelligence (AI), CCTV cameras etc.

The total length of Bhopal Metro project worth about Rs 6 thousand 941 crore will be 31 kilometers, this train will run on 16.77 kilometers from Karond intersection to AIIMS, 14.18 kilometers from Ratnagiri intersection to Bhadbhada intersection.

In the first phase, metro train will operate on 7 kilometer long route from Subhash Nagar to AIIMS. Complete operation of Bhopal Metro will start from 2024.

Metro rail stations will also be special. Where there will be facilities like lift and escalator etc., there will be special arrangements for the elderly and online ticketing facility. Metro Rail will also become a medium for equality in the society. Cyclists, two-wheelers and car owners will all give top priority to this convenient, air-conditioned and time-saving mode of transport.

Short film based on Bhopal Metro screened

A short film focusing on the construction of Bhopal Metro, its facilities and security provisions was also screened in the programme. Principal Secretary Neeraj Mandloi presented a replica of the metro train to Chief Minister Chouhan as a souvenir.

 "This is me, this is my Bhopal, and this is our metro"

CM Shivraj came from Subhash Nagar depot to Rani Kamalapati station by metro rail. Public representatives, youths and officials travelled with him. CM Shivraj observed the surrounding areas and the ongoing construction process from the Metro Rail and also interacted with the co-passengers, youths and public representatives. Everyone sitting in the first trial run of Metro Rail was happy and joyful. CM said that Bhopal is looking more beautiful from the Metro.

While traveling in the first trial run of Metro Rail, the youths were full of enthusiasm, they were shouting patriotic slogans, were saying with pride and joy that “This is me, this is my Bhopal, and this is our Metro.". 

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