13 Oct 2023

Global Hunger Index 2023: India's Position In Global Hunger Index Worse Than Pakistan-Sri Lanka, 'Questions' Being Raised On Modi Govt

The annual report of Global Hunger Index (GHI) for 2023 has arrived. India is currently at number 111 among 125 countries. Whereas India has been described as a country in serious situation in terms of hunger with a GHI score of 28.7. In the report released last Thursday, the situation of India's neighboring countries is better. The surprising thing is that in the list of Hunger Index, Pakistan's ranking is 102, Bangladesh's 81, Nepal's 69 and Sri Lanka's 60.

Government said – figures are fake

The Government of India has termed the report of Global Hunger Index 2023 as wrong and completely misleading. In this regard, the Ministry of Women and Child Development said last Thursday that the Global Hunger Index does not reflect the true and real situation of India. Along with this, the ministry alleged that this is an attempt to tarnish the image of the country.

Political leaders, parties rally against Centre

Many political leaders and parties have now rallied against the Central government. Many tweets have been made in this regard on the social media platform ‘X’. In this regard, Lalu Yadav tweeted that, according to the Global Hunger Index-2023 released on Thursday, India is at 111th position among 125 countries of the world. India's score is 28.7% which puts it in a category where the situation of hunger and starvation is very serious and worrying. This ranking shows that the people of the country are suffering from severe hunger and starvation.

In the Global Hunger Index, factors like malnutrition, child stunting, child wasting and child mortality are taken into consideration. This has actually been said by two non-governmental organizations associated with this study, Concern World Wide and WealthHungerLife. They also said that India has not conducted any consumption survey since 2011, forcing them to rely on a poll of 3,000 people for the report.

What is the Global Hunger Index?

Global Hunger Index is a tool for comprehensively measuring and tracking hunger at global, regional, and national levels. It is released by the Alliance2015, a network of seven European non-government organisations engaged in humanitarian and development action.

The index captures three dimensions of hunger: insufficient availability of food, shortfalls in the nutritional status of children and child mortality (which is, to a large extent, attributable to undernutrition).

It, accordingly, includes three equally weighted indicators: the proportion of people who are food energy-deficient, as estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the prevalence of underweight in children aged under five years, as compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the mortality rate of children aged under five years, as reported by UNICEF.

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