20 Oct 2023

ISRO: Gaganyaan's first test flight before manned mission on Saturday

Before sending humans into space, ISRO will send Gaganyaan's test flight on Saturday.

Gaganyaan spacecraft will be sent into space by ISRO from Sriharikota on Saturday at 8 am local time.

This test will reveal how the crew members will survive if there is any malfunction in the rocket.

If successful, it would pave the way for other unmanned missions, including sending robots into space next year.

A manned mission carrying three astronauts to the lower Earth's orbit will be sent only after these tests.

Only last week, the Indian government had announced that a human mission can be sent to space in 2025.

Under the Gaganyaan project, developed at a cost of about Rs 90 billion, the aim is to send astronauts to a 400 km orbit of the Earth and land them back on Earth after three days.

If it is successful, India will become the fourth country after the Russia, America and China to do so.


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