22 Oct 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections-2023: A new twist in politics, these two real brothers face each other

Bhopal: BJP has released the fifth list of 92 candidates in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections-2023. When BJP released the fifth list, one name was shocking. That is that of former Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Assembly, Sitasaran Sharma. 

Earlier, Congress had released its second list. Congress has fielded Girja Shankar Sharma from Hoshangabad. Whereas BJP has fielded former MP Assembly Speaker Sitasaran Sharma in front of him. Both Sitasaran and Girja Shankar are real brothers. This has not happened in the politics of Madhya Pradesh in the last 40 years when real brothers faced each other.

This time, politics seems to dominate relationships in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.  BJP has given tickets to many of its senior MLAs. Hoshangabad seat is the most popular. Here senior MLA Sitasaran Sharma has been given ticket again. 

Whereas Congress has fielded Sitasaran’s own brother Girja Shankar Sharma from Hoshangabad seat. In such a situation, this time there is a competition between brother vs. brother on Hoshangabad seat.

Girja Shankar had recently joined Congress

Two brothers are facing each other from this assembly seat of Narmadapuram district. Former MLA Girja Shankar Sharma had recently joined Congress. Till now BJP had kept this seat on hold. After the release of the Congress list, BJP has again fielded Sitasaran Sharma from this seat.

Congress sources say that after joining Congress, Girja Shankar Sharma had expressed his intention to contest from Hoshangabad seat. Meanwhile, while churning continued in Congress regarding seats and candidates, BJP had released three lists. 

Girja Shankar put this condition for contesting

Meanwhile, the second list of Congress came. In the 2nd list Congress had given ticket to Girja Shankar Sharma from Hoshangabad. It is said that Girja Shankar had told Congress leaders that he would not contest the elections if BJP fields his brother Sitasaran Sharma. 

In such a situation, Girja Shankar said that he will contest the elections only if his name is announced before the release of BJP's list, and Congress announced Girja Shankar's name from Hoshangabad before the release of BJP's list. After this, when BJP's list came, Sitasaran Sharma's name was included from Hoshangabad seat. In such a situation, now both the brothers have come face to face on one seat.

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