22 Oct 2023

MP Election 2023: These BJP leaders open front against Maya Singh; protest reaches Jai Vilas Palace; Munna Lal's supporters fell at Scindia's feet

Gwalior: MP Election 2023: After the fifth list of BJP came, the opposition of the candidates reached Scindia's palace. After Maya Singh got the ticket from Gwalior East, she is being strongly opposed by BJP leaders. BJP is being accused of spreading nepotism by making Jyotiraditya Scindia's maternal aunt a candidate. 

Slogans were raised against BJP and the state president in front of Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav in Jabalpur. Similarly, in Gwalior the new BJP and the old BJP have come face to face.

BJP leaders Jai Singh Kushwah and Munnalal Goyal are strongly opposing the nomination of Maya Singh. For the first time, such a demonstration was seen in front of Jayvilas Palace, when the Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindhia himself had to come out to appease protesters.

I will fulfill my responsibility as given by the party: Maya Singh

BJP candidate Maya Singh is being opposed by Jai Singh and Munna Lal. When the media talked to Maya Singh about this, she said that if someone is angry then I will go to convince them. if any family member is angry then we do not break the relations with them but convince them. Maya Singh said that I will fulfill my responsibility as given by the party. She said that all the residents of this area are my family. I have received a lot of love from here.


I will win with everyone's support: Maya

Replying to allegations of some people of her own party that nepotism had reached its peak in the party, Maya Singh said, "All the people in the party are good and like a family. Whoever it is, I will go to them.” On the question of uproar by Munna Lal's supporters, Maya Singh said, “I am not aware of it, but we have good relations with everyone. I will win with everyone's support and what I can do for everyone will be my endeavor."

Munna Lal's supporters fell at Scindia's feet

Protest was being held in front of Scindia Palace in Gwalior. As soon as Scindia arrived, Munna Lal's supporters fell at his feet and started demanding change of ticket. For the first time, such a protest was seen in Scindia's palace Jai Vilas Palace. 

Munna Lal's supporters lay down in front of Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia's car demanding tickets, many women were also among them. After this Jyotiraditya Scindia also sat on the ground and convinced the protesters. 

Jai Singh Kushwah, the childhood friend of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and who has the status of cabinet minister, has opened a front against BJP candidate Maya Singh. Jai Singh has resigned from all party posts. 

While talking to the media, Jai Singh said, “The party has given ticket to the same family 12 times. In such a situation, where will the original workers like us go? I have been against this nepotism from the beginning, first the party gave a chance to her husband and now it has given it to Maya Singh."

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