24 Oct 2023

Madhya Pradesh Election-2023: Nisha Bangre's resignation accepted; will Cong change its candidate from Amla seat

Amidst the election upheaval in Madhya Pradesh, significant developments have unfolded. The government has officially accepted the resignation of the controversial Deputy Collector, Nisha Bangre. This decision comes after a prolonged and contentious period during which Nisha Bangre sought to leave her position. The General Administration Department has now endorsed her resignation, taking this action roughly 17 hours after announcement of the Congress candidate for the Amla seat in Betul.

A significant question arises regarding whether the Congress can still change candidate for the Amla seat in Betul, given that the party had declared its candidate just a day earlier. Congress announced Manoj Malve as its candidate for the Amla seat late Monday. Nisha Bangre had initially wanted to resign from her job to enter the electoral fray, but the government's reluctance to accept her resignation led her to seek legal recourse. Now, following court orders, her resignation has been accepted by the government.

The Amla seat had garnered considerable attention because Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre had expressed her intent to contest elections there, leading many to believe that Congress had not nominated a candidate for this seat and the seat was kept on hold for Nisha. While Congress initially seemed inclined to support Nisha Bangre's candidacy, they eventually declared a candidate for the seat, which has left Nisha Bangre disheartened.

Will Nisha run as independent?

Furthermore, the government not only accepted her resignation but also resolved to close the departmental inquiry into allegations of irregularities against Bangre. It is widely believed that this government action was prompted by legal pressures and the court's strict stance.

Nisha Bangre had initially tendered her resignation as Deputy Collector to participate in the elections. With the state government's recent acceptance of her resignation, it is now anticipated that she will run as an independent for the Amla seat if the Congress does not change its candidate.

The official order states that Nisha Bangre, Deputy Collector of Chhatarpur District, had requested her resignation to be accepted, and the Shivraj government has complied with the Supreme Court and High Court orders by accepting her resignation. Additionally, the departmental inquiry into her conduct has been terminated.

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