11 Oct 2023

Malayalam actress Divya Prabha alleges fellow passenger harassed her in flight to Kochi

Kerala: Malayalam film actress Divya Prabha has officially reported an incident of harassment by a male fellow passenger during her Air India flight to Kochi from Mumbai on Tuesday. In an Instagram post, she described the ordeal as "disturbing" and expressed disappointment with the response from both the airline's ground office and the flight crew. 

According to her account, despite alerting the air hostess about the situation, the only action taken was to relocate the passenger to a different seat just before takeoff. Following their arrival at Kochi airport, Divya Prabha reported the incident to airport and airline authorities, who subsequently referred her to the police assistance desk.

On her Instagram page, the actress also posted a copy of the formal complaint she submitted to the local police via email. In her complaint, she stated that the intoxicated passenger had occupied her seat and engaged in a verbal altercation, as well as inappropriate physical contact. In response, the Nedumbassery police acknowledged receiving an email from the actress. Divya requested to treat it as her official complaint.

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