15 Oct 2023

Why Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Expressed Regret After Kesari Singh Rathore's Appointment As State Public Service Commission Member

Before the Rajasthan assembly elections,-2023 the political climate in the state of Rajasthan became increasingly heated due to the appointment of a member to the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). 

Kesari Singh Rathore, a 46-year-old retired army colonel, was appointed to the RPSC on October 9. His social media posts, which were critical of the Jat community, have been labeled as "biased" by the state's Jat leaders. Facing criticism from the Jats, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot took accountability for the appointment on Friday and described Rathore's comments as "unacceptable, offensive, and regrettable."

Rajasthan Jat Mahasabha wrote to Governor Kalraj Mishra

After Rathore's appointment, the Rajasthan Jat Mahasabha wrote to Governor Kalraj Mishra expressing concerns regarding the appointment's potential impact on the Commission's credibility and fairness.

The letter emphasized that the role of an RPSC member plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the state's youth. It stressed the importance of members being impartial, upright, fair, and just in their duties. Consequently, the appointment in question has raised doubts about the Commission's reputation and impartiality, leading to a potential loss of confidence among unemployed youth. Jat Mahasabha demanded the revocation of the appointment of such a controversial individual to this constitutional position.

Kesari Singh Rathore involved in politics and social work after retirement

Colonel Kesari Singh Rathore hails from Nagaur district and is a resident of Shivrasi village in the Makrana assembly. After serving in the Indian Army for 21 years, he voluntarily retired and became actively involved in politics and social work. There were discussions about his potential candidacy for the Makrana seat in the elections, but he was ultimately appointed as an RPSC member.

After his military service, Rathore engaged in various social programs and delivered speeches during interactions with the Rajput community that contained objectionable remarks about other castes, particularly Jats, Gurjars, and others. 

These videos gained significant traction on social media after his appointment to RPSC, leading to criticism of the government's decision.

Kesari Singh has also endorsed notorious gangster Anandpal Singh

Furthermore, Kesari Singh's endorsement of the notorious gangster Anandpal Singh as his role model and his organization of blood donation camps on Anandpal Singh's death anniversary have contributed to the ongoing opposition against him. As a result, protests have been ongoing for several days, and his name has trended on Twitter, increasing concerns within the Gehlot government regarding his appointment.

In response to the controversy, Chief Minister Gehlot publicly admitted to making a mistake in appointing Colonel Kesari Singh. 

Gehlot cited Kesari's military background as the basis for the appointment and expressed regret upon learning about his past statements. Gehlot mentioned that the decision was influenced by a desire to protect the Makrana seat for the Congress party. 

Gehlot said that after becoming a member, Kesari Singh did not even pay a courtesy call to him. He said he was sorry that he recommended his name.

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