5 Nov 2023

Madhya Pradesh assembly elections- 2023: PM Modi reaffirms govt's commitment to extend free ration scheme; tells why Cong is contesting polls

Seoni (Madhya Pradesh): In the run up to the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections- 2023 , Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Seoni, reaffirming the government's commitment to extending the free ration scheme for the impoverished for five more years.

"I have emerged from poverty; I don't need to read about it in books. I can feel the pain of the poor. That's why I, your son and your brother, have taken a significant decision. When the 'Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana' concludes in December, we will ensure free rations for the next five years," PM Modi declared during his speech in Seoni.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the extension of the free ration program is a "Modi guarantee."

He went on to say, "This is the BJP, where every underprivileged, backward, Dalit, and tribal individual is part of the BJP family, a member of my family..." In a veiled attack on the Congress party, he added that the Congress can never be trusted.

"Congress can never be trusted. The Congress slogan is 'Garib ke jeb saaf, kaam half se bhi half' (The poor's pocket is clean, the work is half of the half), which means the Congress doesn't work towards development, but it certainly empties the pockets of the poor," PM Modi stated.

He further contended that, unlike the Congress's reign, there have been no scandals during the BJP's tenure.

"Prior to 2014, every Congress scandal was worth lakhs and crores, but there have been no scandals under the BJP government. The money saved in the name of the poor is invested in their ration programs. This is the most significant distinction between the corrupt Congress government and the BJP government," he added.

PM Modi also alleged that the Congress party is merely "pretending" to compete in Madhya Pradesh.

'Cong pretending to contest elections, so that it gets a chance to collect donations'

He said that the Congress is aware of its defeat in Madhya Pradesh, hence it is merely pretending to contest the elections, so that it gets a chance to collect 'donations'.

He said that Congress is not contesting elections in the state, they know that they will not win. The party is just pretending to contest the elections so that it gets a chance to collect donations.

He said that there is no fight for the post of Chief Minister among Congress leaders. The real fight going on is whose son will become the head of Congress here. Everyone is busy tearing each other's clothes. 

Two big leaders here are trying to 'upset' Madhya Pradesh to 'set' their respective sons in the coming days. He said that those who are worried about their sons and daughters, will they ever think about the public?

"For Congress, no one is more important than their own family. When Congress assumes power, government schemes, roads, streets... everything is named after one family. Only that family is visible in the MP manifesto," he said.

PM Modi expressed his confidence that the people's mandate is with the BJP, emphasizing the state's need for continuity in good governance and development.

"Modi is in the hearts of everyone, from the young to the elderly, from women to the elderly, in Madhya Pradesh. Seoni is ready, once again, for the BJP government," he added.

A day earlier, in a significant pre-election announcement, PM Modi declared that his government had decided to extend the free ration scheme for the impoverished for another five years. He made this declaration during his election rallies in Durg and Ratlam, while also criticizing the Congress.

"I have decided that the BJP government will extend the scheme to provide free rations to 80 crore impoverished individuals in the country for the next five years. Your love and blessings give me the strength to make such decisions," PM Modi announced during his election rally in Durg.

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