4 Nov 2023

MP election 2023: Congress's troubles may increase, this veteran leader to contest as independent

Rebel leaders who contest independently following disputes over ticket distribution in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections-23023 pose a significant challenge to political parties. The BJP and Congress have cancelled the candidacies of numerous leaders in the state. Both parties are thus vulnerable to the influence of these rebel leaders.

Some constituencies are particularly susceptible to the dominance of these rebel candidates. Furthermore, the Congress party has suffered a significant setback as senior leader Premchand Guddu has resigned due to not receiving a ticket, leading to increased tension within the party.

In response to the denial of a ticket from Ratlam, Premchand Guddu has taken the initiative to file an independent nomination. He will now run as an independent candidate, competing against both Congress and BJP candidates in the Alot assembly seat. 

Guddu holds significant sway in Alot constituency

Premchand Guddu, a two-time MLA and former MP from Congress, holds significant sway in the Alot constituency, potentially causing harm to the Congress party. Notably, the BJP has nominated former MP Dr. Chintamani Malviya to run against the Congress's MLA Manoj Chawla in the Alot assembly seat. The outcome of this race will be intriguing, as it remains to be seen how many votes Premchand Guddu will siphon from the BJP and Congress candidates, or if independent candidate can secure victory.

Jaora seat may also witness a triangular contest

Similarly, the Jaora assembly seat may also witness a triangular contest, with Jeevan Singh Sherpur, the State President of Karni Sena Parivar, entering the race as an independent candidate after being denied a ticket by the Congress. The Congress has nominated Virendra Singh Solanki for this constituency, while the BJP has selected Rajendra Pandey. The presence of Jeevan Singh as an independent candidate could prove costly for both the BJP and Congress.

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