8 Nov 2023

MP Elections 2023: What Priyanka said about Lord Ram at poll rally in Sanwer that BJP took a jibe at her?

MP Elections 2023: The electoral battle is at its peak in Madhya Pradesh. On Wednesday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi addressed a public meeting in Sanwer assembly in Indore district. Former CM Kamal Nath was also with her. Here she said something about Lord Ram's exile that BJP got an opportunity to target her.

In fact, Priyanka Gandhi mentioned Lord Ram's exile, in which she said, “Now you think, Lord Ram's father sent him into exile, so Ram went on exile. There was reverence in the hearts of the public towards him, tell me whether it decreased, whether it decreased or not, the reverence towards Lord Ram increased even more. Why? Because in the character of Lord Ram, the public saw that he has reverence for us in his heart.”

Priyanka Gandhi further said- “So when Lord Ram went into exile and he was sent to the forest. He lived in the forest for 13 years. Still the public had faith in him. Still the public wanted. The public waited, waited for 13 years.”

Now BJP has taken a jibe at this. BJP asked whether Priyanka Gandhi does not even know whether Lord Ram went into exile for 13 years or 14 years.

Priyanka said- “When we talk about politics, we should try to look for the principles in the conduct of the politicians, political parties and government. We should understand what is in the heart of those who are ruling us. Mahatma Gandhi also followed the same principles and traditions which have been prevalent in our country since the time of Ramayana.”

Recalling the incident of Ramayana, Priyanka Gandhi said that when there are atrocities and corruption, then we should fight against it. Priyanka Gandhi said that just as Ahiravana had cheated Lord Ram and Lakshman, in the same way BJP had tried to topple the Congress government formed by you in 2018 with full majority and cheated the public. Some impersonators fraudulently kidnapped your Congress government of 2018. Now the public has to become Hanuman and work to bring back the same Kamal Nath government.

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