22 Nov 2023

Picture of PM Modi with Vasundhara Raje goes viral, reignites discussions in political circles ahead of voting in Rajasthan

Ahead of Rajasthan elections-2023, a viral picture of PM Modi with Vasundhara Raje depicts a significant shift in Rajasthan politics and has reignited discussions in political circles. Over the past 6-7 months in Rajasthan, the former CM found herself largely marginalized during Modi's public appearances, lacking opportunities to address forums or engage in discussions with the Prime Minister that could indicate her as the potential CM face. This changed during the recent rally in Anta assembly, Baran, where Raje, positioned on the right side of PM Modi, shared the stage with her son, MP Dushyant, on the left.

Modi conversed comfortably with both Raje and her son

In contrast to her previous reticence, Raje actively participated this time. The scene depicted Modi conversing comfortably with both Raje and her son, sharing smiles during the interaction. Dushyant, adorned in a turban, extended a greeting, but Modi intervened when he attempted to touch his feet. Raje, in a notable departure, greeted Modi with a memento and was prominently featured alongside him in the garland presentation.

Taking the name of Dushyant Singh on the stage, PM Modi said that I was asking him that there is such a crowd and people are sitting far away. Will my voice reach them? So Dushyant ji said that yes…we have already tested it.

Here, for the first time, Raje spoke with confidence with Modi on the platform and while praising him, she attacked the Gehlot government. Vasundhara Raje also talked about the schemes of her government and, citing them, attacked the schemes of Gehlot government. Raje said about PM Modi - the entire country recognizes his bravery and his leadership is accepted by the entire world.

Will Raje emerge as the BJP's CM face? 

Raje's assertive presence alongside Modi has reignited discussions in political circles regarding the possibility of her becoming the CM if BJP emerges victorious. Despite earlier speculation about her getting sidelined within the party, Raje's recent prominent role on platforms, her standing within the party, and other factors like ticket distribution to her supporters have fueled renewed speculation just days before the elections. The big political picture now revives the question of whether Vasundhara Raje will emerge as the BJP's face for the CM position.

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