10 Nov 2023

Ujjain: Dhanteras celebrated at Shri Mahakal Temple; religious programmes to continue for next 4 days

Friday morning marked the celebration of Dhanteras at Shri Mahakal Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Following tradition, all priests and the priest committee performed the consecration and worship of Lord Mahakaleshwar. The Chairman of the Temple Committee, the Collector, the administrators of the Temple Committee, and other officials were present during the puja. Religious programmes will continue for next 4 days.

In observance of Dhanteras, the priest committee conducted the worship and consecration of Lord Mahakal at Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple. With wishes for happiness, prosperity, and health in the country, the priest committee performed the consecration and worship of Lord Mahakal, offering a silver coin to God and seeking blessings for happiness and prosperity, as informed by Pandit Mahesh Guru.

Rituals on Roop Chaudas

On the upcoming Sunday, 12th November, on Roop Chaudas, Lord Mahakal will undergo an Abhyanga bath, where the Lord will be bathed with turmeric, sandalwood, perfume, and fragrant liquids. The women of the priest's family will apply ubtan to the Lord, starting the bathing ritual with hot water.

Once a year, on Roop Chaturdashi, the women of the priestly family perform Lord's Karpoor Aarti with ubtan. After the bath, Mahakal will be adorned with new clothes and gold and silver jewelry. Subsequently, Aarti will be performed with sparklers after offering Annakoot. In the evening, as part of Deepotsav, lamps of prosperity will be lit.

Diwali tradition in Ujjain commences at temple of Lord Mahakal

Diwali tradition in Ujjain city commences at the temple of Lord Mahakal, with events held in the temple courtyard. The lighting of lamps in the Mahakal temple began on the evening of Rama Ekadashi, starting from the sanctum sanctorum and Nandihal, and will continue until Diwali. This tradition signifies the initiation of the Diwali festival in the city.

On Diwali, sparklers will be performed during the five regular aartis, from Bhasmarti till Shayan Aarti at 10.30 pm, with special decorations for the Lord. 

The following day, on 13th November, will be Somvati Amavasya, and on 14th November, on Kartik Shukla Pratipada, women of priestly families will create Govardhan from cow dung and offer prayers at the main entrance of the temple. Subsequently, the cow progeny will be worshiped in the temple's cowshed located in Chintaman.

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