15 Dec 2023

After Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav's bulldozer runs in Ujjain, meat shops dismantled; shop owners said this

Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav has taken another significant step on his second day in office, this time in his hometown of Ujjain. Displaying a proactive approach, bulldozers were deployed to dismantle meat shops operating in open. This move follows a similar action in Bhopal, where a bulldozer was used to demolish the houses of individuals involved in attack on a BJP leader.

The previous evening, CM Mohan Yadav had issued strict orders prohibiting the open sale of meat. Any violation of this directive would result in punitive measures by the government. Within 24 hours of the issuance, inspections began in Ujjain targeting meat vendors. Shops with expired licenses or those unlawfully selling meat in the open were promptly demolished.

A collaborative effort between the Ujjain Municipal Corporation and the Health Department formed a team, led by the Corporation Commissioner, to address the issue of illegally operated meat and mutton shops in the city. While the shop operators expressed discontent, labeling the action as unjust, the Health Department and Municipal Corporation jointly conducted operations to remove illegal meat and mutton shops in Zone No. 6 of the city using JCB machines.

Action carried out in accordance with govt instructions

Officials emphasized that the action was carried out in accordance with government instructions. When questioned about the operation, Health Officer in-charge Mukul Mishra stated that they had clear directives from the government to instruct all  meat and fish vendors selling their products in the open to remove their shops. Non-compliance led to the necessary steps being taken.

Shop owners expressed their frustration

Shop owners affected by the demolition expressed their frustration, contending that the actions were unjust. They argued that their livelihoods depended on the business, and despite assurances to discuss the matter by 6 in the evening, their shops were dismantled earlier, with all items, including cages and chickens, confiscated. They said this action was completely inappropriate.

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