16 Dec 2023

Daring display of maritime expertise by Indian Navy, this is how hijacking crisis in Arabian Sea was averted

In a daring demonstration of maritime expertise, the Indian Navy thwarted a potential hijacking crisis in the Arabian Sea on December 15, 2023. The vessel at the center of the incident was the Malta-flagged MV Rouen, which found itself ensnared in unforeseen perils. 

Seizing the opportunity, an Indian Navy maritime patrol aircraft, already conducting surveillance duties nearby, was promptly dispatched to fly over the distressed ship.

The tranquility of the Arabian Sea was disrupted when a Spanish Navy vessel faced a piracy attempt. The Indian Navy swiftly mobilized its resources, transforming a looming disaster into a showcase of strategic prowess and international collaboration.

Ship was heading perilously towards coast of Somalia

Aerial surveillance of the MV Rouen unveiled a distressing sight – the ship was heading perilously towards the coast of Somalia. This development heightened the gravity of the situation, given Somalia's notorious reputation as a piracy hotspot. Nonetheless, the vigilant gaze of the Indian Navy remained unwavering on the MV Rouen, ensuring continuous monitoring and evaluation of the evolving crisis.

Navy warship INS Tabar was already on an anti-piracy patrol mission 

On December 16, 2023, the Indian Navy escalated its response to the crisis. The Indian Navy warship INS Tabar was already on an anti-piracy patrol mission in the Gulf of Aden. Upon receiving an SOS from the MV Rouen, the warship swiftly reacted, intercepting the hijacked vessel. A tense gun battle ensued, culminating in the capture of the pirates and the successful resolution of the crisis.

Operation underscores Navy's preparedness and capability 

This operation underscores the Indian Navy's preparedness and capability to address maritime threats, reflecting its steadfast commitment to securing international shipping lanes. The successful thwarting of this hijacking not only ensured the safety of the MV Rouen and its crew but also served as a stern warning against piracy and other illicit activities jeopardizing the integrity of maritime trade routes.

The overall situation is being closely monitored, in coordination with other agencies/ MNF in the area.

The Indian Navy remains committed to being a first responder in the region and ensuring safety of merchant shipping, along with international partners and friendly foreign countries.

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