26 Dec 2023

Explosion near Israeli Embassy in New Delhi

There is news of an explosion near the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi.

A spokesperson of the Israeli Embassy has said that Delhi Police and security teams are investigating the matter.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has said that Israeli authorities are cooperating with their Indian counterparts in investigating the cause of the blast near the embassy.

The ministry has also said that none of its staff was harmed in this blast.

The Delhi Police's security and forensics teams are on the spot investigating the incident. Meanwhile, an Israeli Embassy spokesperson gave his first reaction to the matter.

Israeli Embassy spokesperson Guy Nir told that a ‘blast’ occurred near the embassy in the Indian capital on Tuesday evening. All of its staff were unharmed following the explosion.

"We can confirm that around 5:20 there was a blast at close proximity to the embassy,"  Guy Nir said.

Israeli authorities were cooperating with their Indian counterparts to investigate the cause of the explosion, he added.

Deputy Ambassador of Israel to India, Ohad Nakash Kaynar, said: "An explosion occurred in close proximity of the Embassy. All our diplomats and workers are safe. Our security teams are working in full cooperation with local Delhi security and they will investigate the matter further."

Meanwhile, a security guard of the Central Hindi Training Institute near the embassy has said that he heard the noise of the explosion around 5 pm and when he came out he saw smoke rising near a tree.

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