25 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh Cabinet: Several prominent figures, alongside Shivraj's trusted allies Bhupendra Singh and Usha Thakur, face disappointment

Mohan Yadav Cabinet in Madhya Pradesh undergoes significant expansion, adding 18 cabinet ministers, 6 ministers of state with independent charge, and 4 ministers of state. As anticipated, several senior leaders faced exclusion, causing heightened discussions about their political futures.

Notably, Bhupendra Singh, previously close to ex-Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, failed to secure a position in CM Mohan's expanded cabinet. Despite holding key ministerial roles in the Shivraj government, Singh experienced disappointment. Jayant Malaiya, former Finance Minister in the Shivraj government and now an MLA, also did not find a place in the cabinet.

Gopal Bhargava, Girish Gautam disappointed

Gopal Bhargava, the most senior MLA of Madhya Pradesh and the current Protem Speaker of the Assembly, has also been disappointed this time, although ever since he was given the post of Protem Speaker, it was believed that it was difficult for him to join the cabinet. Gopal Bhargava's supporters had also created an environment to make him the Chief Minister.

There was speculation about former Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam that this time the party might make him the Minister of State, but this has not happened. Besides, former Protem Speaker Rameshwar Sharma has once again been disappointed. Riti Pathak, a former MP turned MLA, faced a demotion to the role of an MLA.

These prominent leaders also not included

Several prominent figures, including former ministers Sanjay Pathak, Prabhuram Chaudhary, Malini Gaur, and Usha Thakur, were also excluded from the cabinet. Political analysts suggest that this cabinet expansion is strategically aligned with the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, resulting in unexpected outcomes for many seasoned politicians.

The newly appointed ministers in Mohan Yadav's cabinet include

Cabinet Ministers

Pradumna Singh Tomar

Tulsi Silavat

Edal Singh Kasana

Narayan Singh Kushwaha

Vijay Shah

Rakesh Singh

Prahlad Patel

Kailash Vijayvargiya

Karan Singh Verma

Property Uike

Uday Pratap Singh

Nirmala Bhuria

Vishwas Sarang

Govind Singh Rajput

Inder Singh Parmar

Nagar Singh Chauhan

Chaitanya Kashyap

Rakesh Shukla

Ministers of State (Independent Charge)

Krishna Gaur

Dharmendra Lodhi

Dilip Jaiswal

Gautam Tetwal

Lakhan Patel

Narayan Pawar

State Ministers

Radha Singh

Pratima Bagri

Dilip Ahirwar

Narendra Shivaji Patel

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