12 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: CM designate Mohan Yadav said this about Ladli Bahna Yojana

Mohan Yadav, the newly appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has sparked speculation about the future of the Ladli Bahna Yojana, a prominent scheme introduced by the previous Shivraj Singh Chouhan government. 

During a media interaction, Yadav was questioned about the continuation of the Ladli Bahna scheme, to which he responded with ambiguity, stating, "I will see. We will see whether the Ladli Bahna scheme will continue or not." He said aid that we will try to continue the good schemes of previous government. The stand he took regarding the Ladli Bahna Yojana has indicated that the new government's stance regarding the Yojana may change in the future.

While expressing gratitude to the central and state leadership as well as BJP workers, Yadav refrained from providing a clear stance on the future of the scheme.

CM Yadav's cautious approach and lack of a definitive answer on the Ladli Bahna Yojana suggest that the new government's position on the scheme may undergo changes in the future. Despite thanking party workers and leaders, Yadav remained reserved in his statements, avoiding commitments that could pose challenges later on.

Yadav's substantial financial standing

In another development, details about Mohan Yadav's financial assets have emerged. Starting his political career with the ABVP, Yadav's wealth has seen a significant increase over the years. In 2013, his assets were valued at Rs 16.6 crore, rising to Rs 32 crore in 2018, and reaching Rs 42 crore in 2023. This revelation sheds light on Yadav's substantial financial standing.

Mohan Yadav's political journey includes three successful runs in Assembly elections, consistently securing the Ujjain South seat with impressive victory margins. In 2013, he won by 9652 votes, in 2018 by 18960 votes, and in the recent 2023 elections, he secured a victory with a margin of 12941 votes.

Notably, Mohan Yadav has become the second Chief Minister from the Yadav community in Madhya Pradesh, following Babulal Gaur in 2003-04. The BJP's choice reflects its continued focus on the OBC community, specifically the Yadavs, in the state's political landscape.

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