15 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Former CM Shivraj seen in a new avtaar

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan is very popular among Ladli Bahnas and women. Besides, he also has special affection for many other sections of the state.  Despite stepping down from his role as Chief Minister, Chouhan continues to actively engage with grassroots communities, maintaining a close connection with the people.

In a recent episode of this ongoing commitment, Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited his farm in Vidisha, where he was observed plowing the gram field and driving a tractor through the fields. During his time there, he interacted with farmers, discussing matters such as the harvest and other issues affecting the farming community. Shivraj asked the farmers how was the harvest..? How much did you get...? 

A departure from his political persona, the former Madhya Pradesh CM was seen embracing a different role, demonstrating a hands-on approach to agriculture. Shivraj shared glimpses of this experience on the social media platform X, showcasing images of himself actively involved in fieldwork.

Rooted in a farmer's family, Shivraj often identifies himself as a farmer's son. Since stepping down from the Chief Ministerial position, he has consistently made headlines, making appearances among various communities, including sisters and farmers. A recent viral video captured an emotional moment where sisters were seen hugging him, sparking widespread discussion and attention.

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