30 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh Metro Project: Three-coach train arrives in Indore from Vadodara; 2nd metro train may reach Bhopal in Jan

In a significant development for the Madhya Pradesh Metro Project, a three-coach train has arrived in Indore, from Vadodara, Gujarat. Following installation, it will soon be operational. Besides, the second metro train is scheduled to reach Bhopal in the second week of January.

Thorough testing to assess both the fitness of trains and tracks

The capital will witness the operation of a total of 27 metro trains. Prior to their commercial launch, these metros will undergo a 2000-kilometer run without passengers. Metro Corporation officials emphasize the importance of running the metro for a minimum of 2000 kilometers to ensure the track and train's fitness. This thorough testing aims to assess both the fitness of the trains and the tracks.

Bhopal will host a total of 27 metros, each comprising three coaches, while Indore will accommodate 25 metros. Presently, two metros have arrived in Indore, and one has reached Bhopal. 

The coach that has reached Indore-Bhopal has covered nearly half the distance that is 1000 km, with the remainder expected to be completed by April-May. A similar procedure will be followed for upcoming metro coaches.

Notably, the trial run for the Orange Line took place in Bhopal on October 3rd, covering five stations—Subhash Nagar, Kendriya School, DB Mall, MP Nagar, and Rani Kamalapati station—out of the eight stations in the 6.22 km route. Since then, the train has been consistently operating on the track.

Metro may be accessible to the public by May-June 2024

With the goal of making the metro accessible to the public by May-June 2024, the focus is on completing the remaining work. Special attention is being given to expediting work at Alkapuri, AIIMS, and DRM office stations. Additionally, finishing touches are underway at Subhash Nagar, Opposite DB Mall, MP Nagar, Rani Kamalapati, and Kendriya School stations. Shed work is also in progress at DB Mall, Kendriya School, and MP Nagar stations.

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