16 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: On-the-spot fines imposed on numerous meat and egg vendors in Indore

Upon assuming office, Dr. Mohan Yadav, the newly appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has issued a directive prohibiting the open sale of meat, mutton, and eggs. The Indore District Administration and Municipal Corporation are actively enforcing these measures. The Municipal Corporation in Indore has, for the second consecutive day, imposed on-the-spot fines on numerous meat and egg vendors in compliance with the Chief Minister's decree.

In adherence to Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav's instructions, the Indore Municipal Corporation has been consistently cracking down on establishments selling meat, mutton, and eggs in open markets. The initial day witnessed the Municipal Corporation taking action against 50 establishments. This trend persisted on the subsequent day, with a heightened focus on Indore's Mumbai market.

Instructions issued to dhabas

Officials from the corporation have communicated to numerous meat and egg vendors the necessity of selling raw meat while adequately covering it with glass or net. Simultaneously, punitive measures were taken against those violating the directive by selling raw meat openly, leading to the removal of their establishments. Additionally, instructions were issued to dhabas where meat and mutton were openly displayed in front of their shops, mandating them to relocate the items inside.

In response to Chief Minister Mohan Yadav's directives, administrative actions are underway, while the Opposition is actively criticizing the government. Both Kamal Nath and BSP supremo Mayawati have voiced their disapproval of the Mohan government's priorities, emphasizing the existence of other pressing issues in Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath dismissed the government's actions as mere excuses for controversy. 

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