11 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: What led to doubling of visitors to Sanjay Tiger Reserve in Sidhi?

Three tiger cubs, left orphan when their mother died, were nurtured to adulthood by another tigress at Sanjay Tiger Reserve in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. 

The adoptive tigress, a real sister to the deceased mother, raised the three cubs alongside her own offspring. The unique circumstance attracted widespread attention, leading to a doubling of visitors to the reserve eager to witness this rare phenomenon.

The cubs initially faced an uncertain future after their mother's demise on a railway track in 2022 when they were six to seven months old. But later they found an unexpected savior in the form of their adoptive tigress. 

Despite a two-month age gap between the orphaned cubs and her own offspring, the tigress successfully raised all six together—an unusual occurrence in the world of big cats.

As the cubs reached adulthood, they naturally separated from their adoptive mother, each establishing its own territory. Forest officers, intrigued by the unfolding saga, anticipated the possibility that these now-independent tigers might have started families of their own. 

The story of resilience and survival in the feline family continues as the three orphaned cubs, having matured into adults, lead their own separate lives in the jungles of Sanjay Tiger Reserve.


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