29 Jan 2024

Bihar News: Why did Prashant Kishor say not only Nitish Kumar but all leaders of Bihar are 'Paltumar'; what more he predicted about state govt's stability?

Political strategist and founder of 'Jan Suraj,' Prashant Kishor, has expressed strong criticism against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and other leaders in Bihar regarding recent strategic developments in the state.

Prashant Kishor has not only labeled Nitish Kumar as 'Paltumar' but has extended this term to include Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as well.

Addressing the crowd during the 'Jan Suraj' march in Begusarai, he stated, "If you review my statements over the past year, you'll find that I have consistently been the sole person openly stating on camera that Nitish Kumar can switch sides at any moment."

According to Kishor, the trend of political flip-flopping has become ingrained in Nitish Kumar's politics. However, recent events suggest that all Bihar politicians are 'paltumars.'

Kishor asserted, "Today's events have confirmed that Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and BJP members are equally significant 'paltumars.' Just two months ago, they were insisting that BJP's doors in Bihar were closed to Nitish Kumar."

He continued, stating, "The BJP supporters and workers who were criticizing Nitish Kumar until recently will now start praising him as the epitome of good governance."

JDU-BJP alliance is destined for a short lifespan

In the aftermath of the political turmoil in Bihar, Prashant Kishor made a bold prediction, claiming that the JDU-BJP alliance formed in the state is destined for a short lifespan. He confidently declared that the alliance would not survive until the 2025 Bihar Assembly elections, suggesting a tenure of one year or less for the BJP-JDU government.

Kishor emphasized that while Nitish Kumar currently represents the face of NDA in the alliance, it is destined to dissolve before the assembly elections. He went on to state, "I can put this in writing. This change will occur within six months of the Lok Sabha elections."

Reiterating his earlier predictions, Prashant Kishor asserted, "I had previously mentioned that the Mahagathbandhan would not see next elections, and it eventually fell apart. I am stating once again that this alliance is also on shaky ground and will not endure. The political landscape of Bihar will witness significant changes before the next state assembly elections."

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