1 Jan 2024

Coastal regions of Japan struck by tsunami waves, unsettling footage emerges

Coastal regions of central Japan reportedly experienced tsunami waves following a potent earthquake measuring 7.5 in magnitude on Monday, January 1. 

Social media circulated numerous videos depicting the impact of the tsunami on Niigata and Ishikawa prefectures. The seismic activity triggered at least 21 earthquakes with a magnitude exceeding 4.0, prompting the issuance of a tsunami warning by the country.

On Monday, Japan experienced Tsunami waves triggered by a 7.4-magnitude earthquake, as reported byNHK, the public broadcaster. A confirmed Tsunami measuring 1.2 meters reached Wajima city in Ishikawa prefecture. Within a span of 90 minutes, Japan endured 21 earthquakes with a magnitude exceeding 4. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA),  anticipated a significantly larger tsunami of five meters heading towards Noto in the same region.

Videos captured the forceful waves breaching the seawall in Ishikawa prefecture, and another displayed a significant wave striking a car in Niigata prefecture.

Hundreds of residents left without electricity

The earthquake caused disruptions in the power supply across Japan, leaving hundreds of residents without electricity. As a precautionary measure, authorities instructed individuals to evacuate from coastal areas in Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama, and Yamagata prefectures, advising them to seek refuge in safer locations. Major highways near the earthquake's epicenter were closed by traffic authorities.

Tsunami warnings extended to Niigata, Toyama, Yamagata, Fukui, and Hyogo prefectures, encompassing the Japan Sea Coast. Simultaneously, Russia declared a tsunami threat for parts of Sakhalin's western coast, urging residents to move to higher ground in response to the earthquake in Japan.

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