7 Jan 2024

Indore Cleanest City: Indore poised to clinch top spot once again: This is how city consistently achieves and sustains this remarkable accomplishment

Indore Cleanest City: In the perpetual pursuit of cleanliness, Indore is poised to clinch the top spot once again, maintaining its status as the cleanest city in the country. The city in Madhya Pradesh has consistently earned this accolade for six consecutive years, and it is set to achieve this feat for the seventh time.

Also tops the charts in terms of climate quality

Indore not only leads in cleanliness but also tops the charts in terms of climate quality. In the Clean Air Survey 2023 conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board, Indore secured the first position with an impressive 187 points among cities with a population exceeding 10 lakh. The question arises: How does Indore consistently achieve and sustain these remarkable accomplishments? Let's delve into the key factors.

Proper Management of Waste

The cleanliness journey began with the city grappling with garbage strewn across its streets and public spaces before 2015. The Indore Municipal Corporation took a revolutionary step by adopting a 'dustbin-less' city model, initiating door-to-door garbage collection. Citizens were encouraged to separate dry and wet waste, contributing to the transformation of Indore into a garbage-free city.

Door-to-Door Garbage Collection

An army of approximately 850 vehicles ensures the daily collection of garbage from homes in Indore, sorted into six categories with designated boxes for different types of waste. This efficient system minimizes the need for waste selection during recycling, saving time and resources.

Sewage generated is treated in three plants

To maintain the city's cleanliness, around 8,500 sweepers work in three shifts. The sewage generated is treated in three plants, making it suitable for reuse in approximately 200 public parks, fields, and construction activities within the city.

Asia's largest bio-CNG plant in Indore

Indore houses Asia's largest bio-CNG plant, operated by the Municipal Corporation, utilizing wet waste from the city. This groundbreaking plant can produce 17,000 to 18,000 kilograms of bio-CNG and ten tons of organic fertilizer daily.

150 city buses running on bio-CNG

Indore's commitment to sustainability extends to its public transportation, with 150 city buses running on bio-CNG gas produced locally. This eco-friendly solution not only benefits the environment but also led to a revenue of Rs 14.45 crore from garbage disposal in 2021.

Abundant and Well-Maintained Public Toilets

Considering the city's dense population and the need for convenient facilities, the Indore Municipal Corporation has strategically constructed a public toilet every 200 meters. The well-maintained toilets contribute to a cleaner environment, encouraging public use.

Mechanized sweeping method 

While many cities grapple with polluted air, Indore adopts a mechanized sweeping method to continuously clean its roads. Strict regulations are in place to prevent dust from flying on the streets, ensuring citizens can breathe in the open air without concern.

Monitoring through CCTV surveillance

Indore's commitment to citizen safety is evident in the presence of command and control centers throughout the city. These centers monitor every corner through CCTV surveillance, issuing necessary instructions to ensure a safe and clean environment.

Sanitation workers remain on duty throughout the night

Even as Indore is renowned for its vibrant night markets and street food, the city's sanitation workers remain on duty throughout the night. Immediate action is taken to clear any garbage, contrasting with the typical wait for morning clean-up in other markets.

Indore's success in cleanliness is a result of systematic waste management, innovative bio-CNG initiatives, and a commitment to maintaining a pristine environment day and night.

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