11 Jan 2024

Jabalpur: Samosa vendor's handcart crushed under JCB during anti-encroachment drive; incident captured on viral video

In Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur Municipal authorities have been accused of destroying a street vendor's cart during an anti-encroachment drive, despite pleas from locals to spare it. The vendor, who supported his family by selling four samosas for Rs 10, had his only source of income crushed by a JCB machine in a distressing incident captured on viral video.

The handcart, owned by the Sahu family and managed by Aman Sahu, Ankit Sahu, and Abhiraj Sahu, was targeted during an anti-encroachment operation in the Kotwali area on January 10. Fearing confiscation, the vendor had moved the cart to a nearby colony, but the municipal task force located and forcefully brought it onto the road, proceeding to destroy it despite pleas from local residents and the vendor's family.

Three members of vendor's family held

In a shocking turn of events, the municipal authorities filed obstruction charges against the street vendor's family, leading to the arrest of three family members. The Kotwali area is home to several small-scale traders sustaining their families through such businesses. Local residents protested during the crackdown, urging authorities to consider alternative measures, but their appeals went unanswered.

Jabalpur Mayor Jagat Bahadur Singh Annu acknowledged the ongoing anti-encroachment measures but stressed the importance of a fair and just approach. He assured that discussions would be held with both the municipal task force and the affected parties to explore potential resolutions and compensation.

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