25 Jan 2024

Ram Setu Plan: Proposed 23-Kilometer Sea Bridge Aims to Connect India and Sri Lanka, Boosting Tourism and Economy

New Delhi: Drawing inspiration from the legendary Ramayana tale of Lord Ram's Monkey Army building a bridge to Sri Lanka, the Indian government is contemplating the construction of a 23-kilometer-long sea bridge known as the "Ram Setu Plan." This ambitious project aims to connect Dhanushkodi in Tamil Nadu, India, to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka, allowing people to traverse between the two countries on foot or by vehicle.

Reviving Mythology for Modern Connectivity

Similar to the mythical monkey army, common people are envisioned to have the opportunity to travel from India to Sri Lanka on foot. According to religious texts and mythology, Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, is identified as the site where Lord Rama's monkey army built a bridge using floating stones, providing a route to Sri Lanka.

Boosting Tourism and Economy

NASA's photographs have revealed the existence of the 'Ram Setu,' prompting the Indian government to undertake its construction. The proposed sea bridge, connecting Dhanushkodi to Talaimannar, is expected to significantly enhance India's tourism and economy. The relatively short distance of 27 kilometers between the two points further adds to the project's feasibility.

Multi-Modal Connectivity

Officials are exploring the construction of both a road and a railway bridge along the Ram Setu. The addition of a railway bridge is anticipated to reduce the cost of transporting goods between India and Sri Lanka by approximately 50 percent.

Significant Investment for Connectivity

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Arichal Munai in Dhanushkodi, which is considered the starting point of Ram Setu, the government plans to invest around Rs 40 thousand crores in the project. This substantial investment aims to facilitate easy travel between India and Sri Lanka, either on foot or by four-wheeler, upon the completion of the 23-kilometer sea bridge.

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