31 Jan 2024

Why There Is An Unexpected Spotlight on Kalpana Soren, Wife of Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren


In recent days, Kalpana Soren, the daughter-in-law of Jharkhand's prominent political family and spouse of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, has garnered attention in the news.

Despite maintaining a non-political image in the past, Kalpana Soren, the daughter-in-law of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) chief Shibu Soren, is now being discussed in local media as a potential candidate for the Chief Minister's position amid ongoing political unrest in the state.

Although not currently an MLA, she participated in a recent MLA meeting. The party has not officially announced any political responsibilities for her, but her name is widely discussed in both media and political circles.

Kalpana is a businesswoman and social worker 

Originally from the Rairangpur area of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha, the same region as President Draupadi Murmu, Kalpana Soren is multilingual, proficient in Santhali, Odia, Hindi, and English. Recognized as a businesswoman and social worker in Jharkhand, she operates a play school in Ranchi and serves as the director of a private company.

Residing in Ranchi since her marriage to Hemant Soren in February 2006, Kalpana and Hemant have two sons, Nikhil and Ansh, who maintain a low public profile. They reside with Hemant's parents in the Chief Minister's residence.

Kalpana occasionally appears at public functions with her husband

Despite lacking a political identity, Kalpana occasionally appears at public functions with her husband. Apart from voting, she has not been actively involved in JMM programs, and there is no indication of interference in governance.

Apart from her school commitments, Kalpana demonstrates a keen interest in the development of Jharkhand's handicrafts, artisans, tribal art-paintings, and tourism. She organizes blood donation programs at her school, with Chief Minister Hemant Soren participating as the chief guest in one of the events.

'My conversations with Hemant ji are never on political issues'

In a 2020 interview, Kalpana stated, "I cannot say anything about politics, but if the party decides something for me, I will not back down. My conversations with Hemant ji are never on political issues. He is an icon working for the development of Jharkhand, which is why Hemant Soren is our leader."

However, let it also be made clear here that till now there has been no response from JMM regarding the coronation of Kalpana Soren as the next head of the state, all these claims of changing the command of the state are being made by BJP. Despite this, suddenly the search about Kalpana Soren in Google has increased, people have started trying to know the aspects related to her life, trying to understand who is the person in whose hands the command of Jharkhand could be in the days to come.

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