4 Feb 2024

Know about another 'Shri Ram' of Ayodhya, who has been serving the poor for 120 years

Ayodhya: For centuries, the people of Ayodhya have been praying to Lord Ram for their well-being, but there is another 'Shri Ram' in the city who has been providing relief and assistance to the poor and sick for over 120 years and treats their wounds. The building of Shri Ram Hospital (Ayodhya Shri Ram Hospital) is located in the center of the city, less than a kilometer away from the newly constructed grand Ram temple.

Hospital founder Shri Ram was a philanthropist

Yash Prakash Singh, administrative officer of the hospital, said here, “Since this hospital is located in Ayodhya and near the Ram Janmabhoomi site, a large number of people think that it has been named after Lord Shri Ram. Its founder Shri Ram was a philanthropist, who established this hospital in 1900. The hospital receives patients from Ayodhya and Faizabad as well as Gonda and Basti districts.” 

Singh said that the hospital is under the Uttar Pradesh government and the treatment is free. Many people also think it is a private hospital.

Hospital is serving people with new zeal

The hospital is now officially called Government Shri Ram Hospital. Since its inception, the hospital has served the poor and the needy and after the face of Ayodhya changed with the construction of Ram temple, it is also serving the devotees in need of medical services with new zeal. 

The consecration ceremony of Ram temple took place on 22 January and its doors were opened for the general public on 23 January. Since then, lakhs of devotees have visited the temple.

Devotees in need of medical attention were taken care of

Singh said, “On the first day of the inauguration, there was a devotee who had fainted. He was brought to our hospital in an ambulance and given medical attention. Other devotees who complained of breathing problems, or who were injured in the crowd, were also taken care of.”

The hospital is located at a walking distance from the main decorative entrance leading to the Ram Mandir complex. The administrative officer of the 120-bed Shri Ram Hospital said, “Earlier the color of the old building of the hospital was pink. But its color was recently changed to yellow in keeping with the similar appearance of the buildings along the Ram Path.”

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