3 Feb 2024

Gwalior: Bhanwarpura Rape Accused's Houses Demolished; Scindia Makes Strong Statement

In response to the gang rape of a minor girl in Bhanwarpura, Gwalior, the police and administration have initiated stringent measures. Faced with criticism, the Madhya Pradesh government has adopted a firm stance on the matter. Recently, the house of Bunty Gurjar, one of the main accused, was bulldozed, and on Saturday, similar action was taken against the houses of Akash and Sanjeev Gurjar. Jyotiraditya Scindia has also expressed his stance on the issue.

A joint police-administration team employed bulldozers on the residences of the primary suspects in the Bhanwarpura rape case on Saturday. The aim was to demolish their illicit structures. The incident occurred when three perpetrators invaded a laborer family's home in Bhanwarpura village. They assaulted the parents and gang-raped the minor girl. The incident sparked significant public outrage against the accused in the area.

Scindia pledges comprehensive support for the victim

Jyotiraditya Scindia emphasized the need for the strictest action against such offenders, ensuring consequences severe enough to deter any potential wrongdoer. He pledged comprehensive support for the victimized minor girl to achieve justice, acknowledging the swift actions taken by the police in response.

Additional SP Gajendra Vardhaman told in a phone conversation that action has been taken to bulldoze the houses of Sanjeev and Akash, two accused in the Bhanwarpura gang-rape case. Both these accused are residents of Chirai Dang village and bulldozers have been used on their houses in this village. 

Three accused Bunty Gurjar, Sanjeev Gurjar and Akash Gurjar have been caught by the police and the police is still searching for the fourth accused Jandel Singh.

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