2 Feb 2024

Moradabad Bajrang Dal Leaders Apprehended for Alleged Cow Slaughter and Conspiring Against Police and Muslim Resident


A leader affiliated with the Bajrang Dal in Moradabad's Kanth area, known for its communal tensions, has bben arrested, along with three associates. The arrests were made in connection with the alleged slaughter of a cow and a purported conspiracy to falsely implicate a local police officer and a Muslim individual.

Moradabad Senior Superintendent of Police Hemraj Meena informed that Monu Bishnoi, Raman Chaudhary, Rajiv Chaudhary, and Shahabuddin were detained in relation to two recent incidents of cow slaughter in the Chhajlet police station area.

Dubious Cow Slaughter Incidents

On January 16, authorities received information about a cow's head found on the Kanwar Path. An FIR was filed against unidentified people under Sections 3, 5, and 8 of Uttar Pradesh’s anti-cow slaughter law. Police teams were dispatched to investigate. The Kanwar Path, named after the Kanwar Yatra pilgrimage, is frequented by devotees of Lord Shiva.

"On January 29, police received information about cow slaughtering in the forest area of Chetrampur village, falling under Chhajlet police station," stated Meena. "This time, a track-pant with cash and a diary containing a phone number belonging to Mehmood was found at the scene. Police tracked down Mehmood for questioning."

The police grew suspicious about two cow slaughter cases occurring within a sensitive area in a short span. "Something wasn’t looking right," added Meena.

Conspiracy to Frame a Muslim

During interrogation, Mehmood revealed an ongoing feud with Shahbuddin. Shahbuddin suspected Mehmood of involvement in his brother’s murder. Shahbuddin, seeking revenge, enlisted the help of the Bajrang Dal leader to frame Mehmood.

“Shahbuddin told us that he met Monu Bishnoi via Raman Chaudhary and Rajiv Chaudhary and they asked him to slaughter a cow and place its carcasses at respective places and the plan to implicate Mehmood was hatched. Monu has also given Rs 2,000 to Shahbuddin to find the animal for slaughter,” the SSP said.

Police once again used the record of call details and mobile locations to trace the connections between the four accused, and found that Bishnoi and both Raman and Rajiv Chuadhary had been present during the protest by villagers that took place after the cow carcasses were found at the two locations.

Plan to Implicate Police

"We managed to arrest the four accused, while two associates, Jamshed and Naieem, involved in cow slaughter with Shahbuddin, are currently on the run," said Meena. Bishnoi. When the police tracked the criminal records of the accused, it was found that Mr. Bishnoi had been previously booked and served jail time in several cases, including attempt to murder, rioting, and criminal intimidation, among others.

"Through cow slaughter incidents, Bishnoi wanted to create pressure on the local police so that they would agree to let him carry on with his illegal activities," explained the SSP. Bishnoi's association with the Bajrang Dal was confirmed through his Facebook account, where he held the position of 'Zila Dharam Prachar Prasar Pramukh' of the Bajrang Dal. He had also shared videos on social media, calling for action against both the police and the individuals responsible for slaughtering the animal.

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