19 Mar 2024

Bhopal: Preparations for Holi underway in city with pichkaris featuring prominent political leaders catching eyes of many

Bhopal: As the vibrant festival of colors, Holi, approaches on March 25, the streets of Bhopal are abuzz with excitement and activity. Shops selling traditional Holi essentials such as pichkaris, colors, gulal, Happy Holi caps etc have sprung up across the city, adding to the festive fervor. 

However, what's catching the eye of many this year are pichkaris featuring political motifs, particularly depicting the faces of prominent leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath.

These unique pichkaris have become the main attraction for many shoppers, with images of Modi and Yogi adorning the water guns alongside slogans like 'BJP' and 'Double Engine Government'. The incorporation of political imagery into the festivities has sparked a lively conversation among locals and visitors alike.

Spirit of Holi is blending with political enthusiasm

"It's fascinating to see how the spirit of Holi is blending with political enthusiasm," remarked Preeti Sharma, a resident of Bhopal who was purchasing one of the Modi-themed pichkaris. "These pichkaris not only add an element of fun to the celebrations but also reflect the current political landscape."

The popularity of these politically themed pichkaris is not only enhancing the festive ambiance but is also serving as a boon for the BJP ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. With slogans and images reinforcing the party's presence, these Holi essentials are subtly contributing to political messaging and outreach.

"It's a clever move by the shopkeepers to tap into the political sentiment of the people," stated Sarika Singh, a college teacher. "By incorporating symbols and slogans related to the ruling party, these pichkaris are inadvertently serving as promotional tools for the BJP, especially with elections on the horizon."

People appreciate creativity and innovation

The unique fusion of politics and tradition has resonated well with the residents of Bhopal, with many expressing their appreciation for the creativity and innovation displayed by the manufacturers.

"It's all in good spirit," remarked Manoj Patel, a shopkeeper selling the specially designed pichkaris. "People are enjoying the novelty of it all, and it's heartening to see how something as traditional as Holi can also embrace contemporary themes."

As the countdown to Holi continues, the colorful streets of Bhopal reflect not only the joyous anticipation of the festival but also the dynamic intersection of culture and politics. With each spray of water and splash of color, the spirit of celebration intertwines with the pulse of democracy, creating a unique spectacle that encapsulates the essence of Indian festivities.

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