20 Mar 2024

Breakthrough Claim: Scientists Utilize Gene Editing to Isolate HIV from Cells

In a groundbreaking development, scientists announce a significant stride in the battle against HIV. 

Scientists have said that they have successfully isolated HIV from the cell using gene editing technology.

According to scientists, they have used the Nobel Prize winning CRISPR gene editing technology to cut and isolate HIV from the infected cell.

Using this technique, they have separated the infected parts by cutting the DNA like scissors at the molecular level.

The team at the University of Amsterdam says that they hope that HIV infection can be removed from the body with this method.

However, while giving more information about the research related to this in a medical conference this week, the team said that the current research proves the “concept” that in this way the infected part of the cell's DNA can be removed. But it is not that HIV can be cured quickly with this method.

Presently available medications aim to control HIV proliferation by inhibiting its spread; however, they fall short of complete eradication from the body.

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