20 Mar 2024

Social Media Abuzz with Speculation: Will Kangana Ranaut Make Her Electoral Debut from This Seat in UP?

As the Lok Sabha election-2024 dates are announced, the political landscape in Uttar Pradesh begins to take shape. With parties scrambling to finalize their candidates, all eyes are on Moradabad seat, where neither the BJP nor the Samajwadi Party has named contenders yet.

In the previous election, Dr. ST Hasan of the Samajwadi Party secured victory in Moradabad, defeating BJP's Sarvesh Singh. With Singh's potential ticket cut looming, speculation mounts over the BJP's candidate choice. 

Rumors suggest the party might field either Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut or cricket legend Virender Sehwag for the Lok Sabha elections-2024  in Moradabad. Until the BJP unveils its nominee, the Samajwadi Party holds off on announcing its contender.

While BJP has already declared candidates for four seats in the Moradabad division—Amroha, Sambhal, Rampur, and Nagina—the suspense over Moradabad persists.

Social media buzzes with Kangana's name

Amidst the political chatter, social media buzzes with Kangana Ranaut's name, adding fuel to the speculation. Former MP Sarvesh Singh remains hopeful for another chance despite his previous defeat, while discussions also revolve around Virender Sehwag's potential candidacy.

The BJP aims to field a prominent figure in Moradabad to ensure a strong electoral showing. The prospect of Kangana Ranaut or Virender Sehwag entering the fray underscores BJP's strategy to bolster its chances in the upcoming elections. However, if Sarvesh Singh loses the BJP ticket, he might find himself contesting from the Samajwadi Party's platform.

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