9 Mar 2024

Election Commissioner Arun Goel Steps Down Just Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections-2024

Election Commissioner Arun Goel has resigned just weeks ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, and his resignation has been approved by the President, leaving the Election Commission of India with only Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar. The impending announcement of Lok Sabha election dates next week is now uncertain due to Goel's departure.

Sources indicate that Arun Goel cited personal reasons for his resignation, despite government efforts to dissuade him. Speculation about health issues was dismissed, affirming Goel's good health. Officials state that the government will initiate the appointment process for new election commissioners.

Had opted for voluntary retirement on November 18, 2022

Arun Goel, a senior IAS officer who opted for voluntary retirement on November 18, 2022, was appointed as the Election Commissioner a day later. His appointment faced scrutiny in the Supreme Court, raising questions about the urgency behind the decision.

Goel's term extended until 2027 and he was in line to replace Rajiv Kumar as the Chief Election Commissioner after the latter's retirement next year.

The specific cause for Goel's resignation remains undisclosed, coinciding with heightened preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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