10 Mar 2024

Ex-Professor GN Saibaba Makes This Appeal After Acquittal in Maoist LInk Case

New Delhi: Following his acquittal by the Bombay High Court in a Maoist links case, former Delhi University professor GN Saibaba is fervently seeking reinstatement at the university, along with compensation for the lost years of service. 

The Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr GN Saibaba, consisting of academicians, lawyers, and Left politicians, has echoed these demands for all six individuals released from Nagpur Central Jail due to the court's declaration of failed charges.

In a press conference held in New Delhi, the 58-year-old professor expressed his inability to live without teaching and passionately desires to resume his role as a professor. Saibaba, who was terminated from his position at DU's Ram Lal Anand College in 2021 due to his implication in the case, shared the emotional toll of spending seven years in prison, stating that he still feels confined.

'Surviving solely on hope'

Saibaba, released from Nagpur Central Jail two days after his acquittal, recounted the challenges faced by his family, surviving solely on hope. He expressed regret for not being able to bid farewell to his mother on her deathbed, attributing this to being denied bail to perform the last rites.

In an emotional plea, he revealed the stigma his family endured, with him being labeled a terrorist. Recollecting his time in jail, Saibaba highlighted the harsh conditions he endured, from cramped living spaces to denial of prescribed medicines and treatment for his deteriorating health.

Saibaba shared the alarming state of his health, revealing that only half of his heart is now operational—a grim outcome of his time in custody.

The former DU professor highlighted how he felt marginalized while some criminals thrived within the prison walls. His health suffered under these difficult circumstances, depicting a distressing image of the toll exacted by his imprisonment.

Saibaba advocates for the plight of other political prisoners

Going beyond his personal experience, Saibaba fervently advocated for the plight of other political prisoners, stressing the importance of amplifying their voices and upholding their rights. 

Despite the physical and emotional toll, Saibaba emphasized the support he received from the press, thanking lawyers, friends, and activists who stood by him. He shed light on the sacrifices made by his legal team, including one lawyer who fought his case without any fees and another who allegedly faced imprisonment for supporting him during the trial.

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