7 Mar 2024

Houthi rebels attack cargo ship in Gulf of Aden, three killed

Three crew members of a cargo ship were killed in an attack by Iran-backed Yemen's Houthi rebels. This attack took place in the Gulf of Aden.

This cargo ship named True Confidence had the flag of Barbados. The ship was badly damaged in the attack that took place on Wednesday. Two people from the Philippines and one from Vietnam died in this attack.

Yemen's Houthi rebels have been saying amid the Israel-Hamas war that they will continue targeting ships in the Red Sea until Israel stops attacks on Gaza.

America has said that for the first time there have been deaths in attacks by Houthi rebels on merchant ships.

The Central Command of the US Army has condemned this incident and said that after the attack by this group, they shot down two drones in Yemen.

A military spokesman for the Iran-backed group claimed they targeted the vessel because it was an 'American' ship, but the ship's owners denied this.

There were 20 crew members on this ship, out of which one member was from India, four from Vietnam and 15 from the Philippines. There were also three armed guards, out of which two were from Sri Lanka and one from Nepal.

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