2 Mar 2024

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Deaths in Gaza while waiting for relief material, America takes this step, what India said?

US President Joe Biden has announced the army will air drop food items in Gaza.

This is the first time that the US Army will deliver food items to Gaza in this manner. Biden said that the US military will drop food items into Gaza in the coming days, but he did not give more details about this.

Jordan and France are already dropping food and other relief materials into Gaza.

Announcing the decision to drop relief food items into Gaza, Biden said, "The relief items currently coming to Gaza are not enough.” He said that the things coming from America will be ready-to-eat.

On Thursday, at least 112 Palestinians were reported dead while waiting for relief supplies in northern Gaza.

A journalist present in Gaza City told that people had come to collect aid material and Israeli tanks started firing on them. About 760 people have also been injured in this incident.

The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry had held the Israeli Army responsible for this. However, the Israeli Army had said in a statement that the tanks had fired warning shots but did not attack the trucks filled with relief material.

The Israeli Army claims that many people have died due to being crushed by trucks. Hamas has rejected this claim of Israel.

India expresses deep shock

India has expressed deep shock at the loss of lives in Northern Gaza.

A statement issued by the India's Ministry of External Affairs said, "We are deeply shocked at the loss of lives in Northern Gaza during delivery of humanitarian assistance.

"Such loss of civilian lives and the larger humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to be a cause for extreme concern.

"We reiterate our call for safe and timely delivery of humanitarian aid and assistance," the statement further said.

Hamas claims - seven Israeli hostages killed in Israel's bombing

Meanwhile, Hamas has claimed that seven people held hostage in the Gaza Strip have died.

Hamas has said that the death of these hostages was due to Israeli bombing. Some of Hamas fighters have also been killed in this. Hamas has said that the number of hostages killed could exceed 70.

It is not clear whether the seven hostages whose deaths are being claimed are among the 31 hostages already killed or not.

There has been no comment from Israel in this regard nor has Hamas presented any concrete evidence.

Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7, 2023 and took 253 people hostage at gunpoint. According to Israel, 1200 of its people have been killed in this attack by Hamas.

Israel had taken strong action against it. It bombed Hamas positions on a large scale. The Hamas-run Health Ministry claims that 30 thousand Palestinians have been killed so far in Gaza due to Israeli attacks.

In November, Hamas released 105 Israeli hostages under a temporary ceasefire agreement. In return, 240 Palestinian prisoners were released.

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