17 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Election-2024: What CEC said on EVMs, can they be tampered?

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar devoted the maximum time in answering questions on EVMs. A journalist had asked him that the opposition parties were worried about the impartiality of EVMs.

In response to this he said, "Questions have come many times regarding EVMs. The constitutional courts of the country - High Court and Supreme Court have heard different petitions. In some it was said that it can be hacked. There could be tampering, the results could be changed or 19 lakh EVMs are missing. But every time the courts rejected these objections."

Showing a book on EVMs, he said, "In this book we have also given answers to the questions and have told about the decisions of the constitutional courts in 40 cases. Experts should also read it. It has been told how many times EVMs have been used. On many occasions the ruling parties had to step down from power."

Courts have started imposing fines on petitions on EVMs

The Chief Election Commissioner said, "Now the courts have started imposing fines on the petitions on EVMs, terming them a waste of time. EVMs cannot be hacked under any circumstances. Many political parties have come into existence in the era of EVMs. In the era of ballot papers, perhaps it would not have been easy for them to emerge."

Rajeev Kumar said, "Nowadays, anyone pretending to be an expert takes a box and makes something like EVM and starts giving the impression that votes were cast but results came different. Whereas, no one knows what system you have made."

The CEC said, "The circumstances are such that later when the result comes in your favor, you do not stick to your words.

The Chief Election Commissioner said, "EVMs are 100 percent safe. We have made many reforms in the last two years. Now every candidate will also be given the number of the EVM that goes into the booth."

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