5 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Chhindwara Seat: Is BJP Strategizing to Break Kamal Nath's Stronghold? What Are its Plans?

Chhindwara Lok Sabha Seat: Despite efforts to entice Kamal Nath into the BJP, the veteran leader remained loyal to Congress, thwarting BJP's initial plans. Internal dissent within the BJP, coupled with resistance from Congress high command, hindered Kamal Nath's potential switch. Now, the BJP faces the challenge of securing victory on the Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat.

Initially, the BJP had strategized to gain an edge by welcoming Kamal Nath and his son Nakul Nath into their fold, assuming it would secure the Chhindwara seat. However, internal opposition within the party, fueled by accusations against Kamal Nath, led to a change in strategy. Tejinder Singh Bagga, a prominent BJP leader, openly labeled Kamal Nath guilty for the 1984 Sikh riots.

Kamal Nath's Political Shift

In response to the opposition, Kamal Nath altered his approach, presenting himself as a steadfast Congress loyalist. With Nakul Nath's announcement of contesting the Lok Sabha elections with Kamal Nath's backing, the BJP now seeks a formidable candidate to rival the Nath family in Chhindwara.

The BJP has yet to unveil its candidates for Chhindwara, Indore, Ujjain, Balaghat, and Dhar Lok Sabha seats. The central BJP leadership encounters a particular challenge in Chhindwara, where finding a candidate to compete with Kamal Nath's family and incumbent MP Nakul Nath is not easy. In the previous Lok Sabha elections, amid the Modi wave, the BJP clinched 28 out of 29 seats in Madhya Pradesh but lost Chhindwara, where Nakul Nath emerged victorious.

In this predicament, the BJP grapples with the crucial decision of selecting a candidate for the Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat to dismantle Kamal Nath's stronghold. The resolution to this dilemma is expected in the coming days, as the central BJP leadership engages in extensive deliberations regarding the Chhindwara seat.

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