6 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Will parties of I.N.D.I.A alliance bring a common manifesto?

The sharing of seats in the India alliance has almost been decided. This is the reason why Akhilesh Yadav participated in Rahul Gandhi's Nyay Yatra, while at the conclusion of Jan Vishwas Yatra in Patna, Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav were seen sharing the stage with Tejashwi and Lalu Yadav.

But now the biggest question is whether this alliance will be able to make inroads among the people through seat sharing and stage sharing. Because this alliance is sharing seats with its partners and it is being finalized which party will contest on which seat in different states. Talks on this are being finalized but the biggest question is whether the alliance parties will also come up with a common manifesto.

How will the alliance parties seek votes without a common manifesto? Will the alliance have a common manifesto? Will the parties have their own manifesto?

Cong busy in making its manifesto

The parties in the alliance will prepare their own manifestos but will they also have a common manifesto? How will the public trust these parties without a common manifesto? For example, if UPA or India Alliance comes to power, then what will be done with the Agnipath scheme and which crops should be brought under the minimum support price. Do all the parties in the alliance agree with this? Who will guarantee this and if there is no agreement on these things among the parties, then how will votes be sought from the public.


Congress prepared draft manifesto

Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress Manifesto Committee has also prepared the draft of its manifesto. Now this draft of the manifesto is to be presented in the CWC meeting. After this it will be finalized. This time the Congress manifesto may be ready before the Lok Sabha elections. Information about Congress's election manifesto has been shared by party leader P Chidambaram. 

Chidambaram said that the party has prepared the draft manifesto. He said that he will soon submit the draft of this manifesto to the party president. Regarding the manifesto of Congress, Ranjit Ranjan says that the manifesto committee has prepared the draft.

What election promises is Cong going to make in its manifesto?

However, regarding the Lok Sabha elections, it will be very interesting to see what election promises the Congress is going to make in its manifesto to woo the voters. These days, Congress seems to be cornering the Modi government on various fronts and issues. 

Simultaneously, the BJP is releasing details about its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing its commitment to seeking public input. The Gujarat BJP state president disclosed that the party is actively gathering suggestions from the public through suggestion boxes placed not only in the party office but also in religious places. The collected input will be thoroughly considered in the formulation of the party's manifesto.

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