12 Mar 2024

PM Modi inaugurates re-developed Kochrab Ashram, launches master plan of Sabarmati Ashram

Prime Minister Naremdra Modi inaugurated the re-developed Kochrab Ashram and launched the Master plan of Gandhi Ashram Memorial, at Mahatma Gandhi Ashram (also known as Sabarmati Ashram) at Sabarmati in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. 

The master plan for the revitalization of the Ashram aims to seamlessly integrate the historical charm of the Ashram with the requirements of the contemporary era. The existing Gandhi Ashram, which currently spans 5 acres, is poised to expand its realm to 55 acres, within the overarching area of 322 acres. This expansion transcends mere physical dimensions. It serves as a symbolic representation of a more encompassing adoption of Gandhi's teachings.

PM Modi paid floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi’s statue and visited Hriday Kunj. He also took a walkthrough of the exhibition and planted a sapling. 

Addressing the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the Sabarmati Ashram has always been a vibrant center of incomparable energy and we feel the inspiration of Bapu in ourselves. “Sabarmati Ashram has kept alive Bapu’s values of truth and non-violence, service to nation and seeing God's service in the service of the deprived”, he added. 

The Prime Minister recounted Gandhi Ji’s time in the Kochrab Ashram where Gandhiji stayed before shifting to Sabarmati. Redeveloped Kocharab Ashram was dedicated to the nation today. PM Modi paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and congratulated the citizens for the significant and inspirational projects of today. 

Noting today’s date of 12th March when Bapu initiated the Dandi March and crafted the date in India’s freedom struggle in golden letters, the Prime Minister said that this historic day is a witness to the initiation of a new era in independent India. 

Significance of Kochrab Ashram and Master Plan of Gandhi Ashram Memorial

The Prime Minister inaugurated the redeveloped Kochrab Ashram. It was the first Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi after coming to India from South Africa in 1915. It is still preserved as a memorial and tourist space by Gujarat Vidyapeeth. The Prime Minister also launched the Master Plan of the Gandhi Ashram Memorial.

Under this master plan, the existing five-acre area of the Ashram will be expanded to 55 acres. 36 existing buildings shall undergo restoration, out of which, 20 buildings including ‘Hriday Kunj’, which served as Gandhi's residence, will be conserved, 13 will undergo restoration, and 3 will be reproduced.

The master plan includes new buildings to house administration facilities, visitor facilities like orientation center, interactive workshops on charkha spinning, handmade paper, cotton weaving and leatherwork and public utilities. The buildings will house interactive exhibits and activities to showcase aspects of Gandhiji’s life as well as the legacy of the Ashram. 

The master plan also envisages the creation of a library and archives building to preserve, protect and disseminate Gandhiji’s ideas. It will also create facilities for visiting scholars to use the Ashram’s library and archives. The project will also enable the creation of an interpretation center that can guide visitors with different expectations and in multiple languages, making their experience culturally and intellectually more stimulating and enriching.

The Memorial will serve as an inspiration for future generations, fostering Gandhian thoughts and will enliven the essence of Gandhian values, through a process informed by principles of Trusteeship.

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