17 Mar 2024

Snake Venom-Rave Party Case: Elvish Yadav Refutes Allegations; What Noida Police Said?

Elvish Yadav, the victor of Bigg Boss OTT, finds himself embroiled in controversy following his arrest by the Noida Police in connection with the snake venom-rave party case. He has been remanded to 14 days of judicial custody in a case linked to the use of snake venom as a recreational drug at a party last year. The Noida Police had registered a case under the Wildlife Act against Yadav and five others for their alleged involvement in arranging snake venom for such parties.

Maneka Gandhi's NGO People for Animals, in an effort to expose the exploitation of endangered animals, conducted an undercover operation and reached out to Elvish based on a tip that he was connected to a network involved in this activity. During a meticulous operation conducted by People For Animals, a total of nine snakes were uncovered at a gathering. It was revealed that these snakes had been subjected to a procedure where their venom glands were removed, with an additional alarming discovery that eight out of the nine snakes were lacking their teeth.

Another controversy

More recently, Elvish became ensnared in yet another controversy following the widespread dissemination of a video showcasing him physically assaulting YouTuber Maxtern, also recognized as Sagar Thakur. Subsequently, an FIR was lodged against Elvish in Gurugram, prompting him to issue a statement elucidating the circumstances surrounding his altercation with Maxtern.

Elvish Yadav denies any wrongdoing

In response to the accusations, Elvish Yadav vehemently denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the charges as "baseless" and "fake." Despite his denial, authorities have been probing his role in the affair, with animal rights group PFA, led by BJP figure Maneka Gandhi, also leveling accusations against him. Gandhi called for Yadav's immediate arrest, alleging his involvement in the illegal sale of snake venom.

Elvish was not cooperating: Police

Regarding Yadav's arrest, Noida DCP Vidya Sagar Mishra revealed that the YouTuber had not been cooperating during questioning. Mishra said Yadav was reluctant to divulge information pertinent to the investigation. Mishra emphasized that Yadav was brought before the court, with additional sections of the NDPS Act invoked in the case. The investigation continues, shedding light on the complex web surrounding the snake venom-rave party scandal.

Yadav, along with five others, faces charges under the Wildlife (Protection) Act and Section 120A of the Indian Penal Code for his alleged involvement in supplying snake venom for the party.

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