27 Mar 2024

US diplomat summoned over America's statement in Kejriwal arrest: What India's MEA said?

A day after America's statement on the arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Wednesday summoned American diplomat Gloria Barbena. She reached the MEA office in the afternoon. The meeting lasted 40 minutes.

After this, the MEA issued a statement opposing America's statement. The MEA said, 'We take strong objection to the remarks of the Spokesperson of the US State Department about certain legal proceedings in India. In diplomacy, states are expected to be respectful of the sovereignty and internal affairs of others. This responsibility is even more so in case of fellow democracies. It could otherwise end up setting unhealthy precedents.

The MEA statement said, "India’s legal processes are based on an independent judiciary which is committed to objective and timely outcomes. Casting aspersions on that is unwarranted."

In fact, after Germany, America also gave a statement on Tuesday on the issue of Arvind Kejriwal's arrest. ED had arrested Kejriwal from his residence on March 21 in the liquor policy scam case.

On March 25, US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller had said - Our government is keeping an eye on the case of Kejriwal's arrest. We hope that the legal process in this case will be fair and transparent. During this period the values of law and democracy will be followed.

Germany had also issued statement on Kejriwal 

Earlier on March 23, Germany had said, 'India is a democratic country. We hope that the courts here are independent. The principles of democracy will be followed in Kejriwal's case also. Kejriwal will get legal help without any hindrance. The legal principle of considering any person innocent until proven guilty should be followed.

After Germany's statement, India had summoned the deputy head of their Embassy. India said Germany should not interfere in India's internal affairs. We consider such statements to be interference in our judicial process, such statements raise questions on the impartiality and independence of our courts. India is a powerful democracy, where the law is followed. Like other cases, action will be taken as per law in this case (Kejriwal's arrest) also.

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