22 Mar 2024

What Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka said in response to Kejriwal's arrest?

New Delhi: In a fiery retort to the detention of Delhi's chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi unleashed a scathing critique aimed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. Gandhi accused Modi of employing dictatorial tactics to stifle opposition voices and dismantle the democratic fabric of India.

"An apprehensive dictator is striving to engineer the demise of democracy," Gandhi expressed in a Hindi post on X, refraining from directly naming any individual.

Gandhi highlighted what he perceived as a systematic targeting of opposition figures and institutions, including the media, as part of what he characterized as an attack on democratic values.

"Not content with seizing control of institutions, including the media, fracturing political parties, extracting funds from corporations, and even freezing the accounts of the primary opposition party, the 'diabolical authority' now finds it routine to arrest duly elected Chief Ministers," asserted the Congress leader.

Gandhi affirmed that the opposition INDIA bloc would retaliate strongly against such actions.

Wrong and unconstitutional: Priyanka

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, reacting to the news of Arvind Kejriwal's arrest, has called it wrong and unconstitutional.

Priyanka said, "Targeting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in this manner due to elections is completely wrong and unconstitutional. Lowering the level of politics in this manner does not suit either the Prime Minister or his government. Talk to your critics in the election battlefield. Come down and fight, confront them boldly, attack their policies and working style of course - this is what democracy is all about. But using the power of all the institutions of the country in this way to fulfill your political objective, weakening them by putting pressure on them is not the essence of democracy. It's against every principle."

Priyanka said further, "The bank accounts of the country's largest opposition party Congress have been frozen, all the political parties and their leaders are under pressure day and night from the ED, the CBI, and the IT, one Chief Minister was earlier put in jail, now another Chief Minister has been sent to jail. Such a shameful scene is being seen for the first time in the history of Independent India," she added.

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